California Tree Poppy

.....a.k.a.  Romneya coulteri or Coulter's Matilija Poppy

How could I resist this for Flower Friday.  These seedpods were so perfect and hardly looked real.  Please view it in LARGE. 

I had the most wonderful day with blipper, ShirleyRay, who very kindly picked me up and took me to the Springs Preserve, a beautiful desert botanical gardens.  While waiting for the butterfly house to open we had the chance to explore a variety of plants and flowers that were completely new to me.   I am amazed that we got any shots however, because we were so busy yakking about photography, camera, lenses etc.  Finally,  we settled in for a long lunch and more gabbing. It was like we had known each other for years.  Thanks, Sheryl, for a fabulous day.  I look forward to future blipmeets when I am here to visit.  

I have loaded an extra of Shirleyray focused on a large hanging vegetable and some of the rest of my shots can be found on Flickr.

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