I learned how to clean my sensor this week and I am so thrilled to be able to do it myself.  Friend and photographer extraordinaire Martin Radigan directed me to the right tools for my camera, guided me and gave me the confidence to try it.  It was so easy and worked like a charm.  I am so thrilled to have eliminated the need to clone out multiple spots after using higher apertures. Knowledge is power. 

I dropped my son off at work very early this morning and then went right up to Red Rock Canyon for a few shots in the early morning light. If I had listened to Martin,  of course, I would have had my tripod, but I didn’t so this will have to stand as it is. I could have used a few clouds, too.  There are nothing but blue skies, lovely temperatures, and breezes here so I am not really complaining.  If you have the time, have a look in large.  

Very much looking forward to a blipmeet with ShirleyRay tomorrow morning so stay tuned. 

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