All sorts

I only woke up around 10am and crawled to my desk feeling rubbish. But it felt if I had reached the rock bottom of the cold and that I may start getting better the next days.
None the less I had one big task to do and it took forever with this mushy brain. Forever means I only finished at 10 pm at night!! I had hoped I can do it by early afternoon and go back to bed, but that was wishful thinking.
I was quite grumpy mooded in the evening and poor Jack experienced me from my bad side. I felt sorry after that, as he has a lot of sh*t going on as well. But he thought I was right ..... I apologised anyways.
I had some light healthy food before finally collapsing to bed. No - it was no berries! I had tomatoes, cucumber, a boiled egg and half an avocado :)
I even remembered to take a picture - before I had food.

This is my beloved vintage glass bowl filled with all sorts of tomatoes. 

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