Silly bacon and egg

The sons collect(ed) all kinds of anime stuff, part of the things we're discovering while clearing the late in-laws' house. I'm by now used to all kinds of samurai, aliens etc, but this sunny side up egg plushy with a bottom and feet under its blanket of bacon did surprise me, apparently it comes out of the Hello Kitty range !? A very strange novelty, this Gudetama, seemed ok for Silly Saturday, with thanks to admirer for being the host. And the bacon is pink, which is very useful for Pink October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month. If you want, please follow this link  and click on the pink button for free mammograms for those who can't afford them otherwise.

Thank you very much for your kind comments and stars for yesterday's rose :-)

PS: only after posting this and looking up Gudetama I've understood it's also rather sad, a mascot with depression ... see here

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