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Zeitgeist (Saturday 7th October 2017)

A couple of years ago I began to develop an increasing interest in the wonders of gin, a topic of complexity approaching that of wine or single malt whisky. I don't know what external influences caused this fascination, but there seems to have been a huge upsurge of interest in gin at around the same time resulting in many new distilleries and alternative new gins to sample.
Just recently I set up a quarterly subscription (monthly and bi-monthly options are available) to a gin club that sends out packages of not only full bottles of rare and handcrafted gins but also accompanying snacks, tonics and supplementary drinks, and the first of these rather pleasingly turned up during the week, and is pictured here.
This month's gin and the cider have both come from New Zealand, and there is a magazine that comes in the package that instructs all about the contents.
Amazingly I have yet to break open any of them (but then I do have other gins and tonics on the go already), but this is subject to change...

9.10.2017 (1432 hr)

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Craft Gin Club
(If anyone wants to join, using the code GINPALS10 you will get £10 off your order - and, more importantly - so will I!)

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Brainticket - To Another Universe (recorded August-September 1972, RCA Studio C, Rome)
This is included on the Mojo cover disc Neu Decade which I was playing on this day, and comes from an album based on the Egyptian Book Of The dead, Celestial Ocean, concerning the afterlife experience of the Egyptian kings whilst travelling through space and time from the desert to the pyramids.

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