New Cushions

Last night I was looking at the weather forecast. If the morning had been due to be nice and clear with a bit of sun I thought we might get up early and go looking for red deer. October is the rutting time but I didn't expect them to be easy to see, let alone photograph.

It turned out that the forecast had been wrong! I shouldn't have treated myself to a lie-in!

On Saturday I noticed that some of the cushions at the holiday lodge were just beginning to show wear, that would mean a lot of trailing around looking for replacements. 

I went into town this afternoon to my local Natwest to set about retrieving my lost purse from the other branch who had failed to contact me today. The conversation offered me some hope. I then sorted another thing which was getting a flu jab. I just had to sit down with a latte after that!

I was making my way back to the car when I turned and retraced my steps to look in a clothes shop. I was wandering about aimlessly when I spotted the cushions. I had forgotten they had them. There it was! The red deer stag I wanted to see today. That made my mind up, especially as there was a sale on. The roe deer was facing the other way so it made a good companion. Luckily there were coordinating plain ones.

I was so keen to have a deer shot today that we drove to the lodge tonight so I could get a blip of them on the sofa at Amber Nook. (They wouldn't have looked as good on my green leather sofa!)

The ones I chose for the other settee are in Extras.

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