Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK


Being a serious introvert, it’s not so easy for me to be around and interact with too many people too many days in a row.   Just back from a super fine 3 week trip to iceland, Yorkshire and Scotland, we have met with 13 blippers ( plus 4 spouses) at different times and traveled with 25 other people for 10 days on a Rick Steves tour of the “best of Scotland” .   I am NOT complaining,,,,we LOVED meeting and spending time with all blippers (H, who wasn’t wildly enthusiastic about the prospect, loved it and can’t believe all blippers are so nice and so fun.)

With 25 people on a tour, of course full of interesting souls, mostly well traveled, but not boastful, there was always something to talk about besides the incredible sights ( and food) we were seeing. Curiously there were 7 single women and 2 single men on this tour which I also found interesting.   Not sure I’d do that.   But the saying “best friends for 10 days” is so true… I’ll probably never have any contact with any of them again (and didn’t make any effort either) .  And one woman came with a cold which spread to many of our group..fortunately it was no big deal but H and I are still sniffling.     Without the tour we would never have seen so much in such a short time—it’s a trade off.   So….worth it….but now this introvert needs serious quiet and recharging time, with no talking or schedules ….and more naps.   

My bff, R,  gave me this tea towel… does she know me or what?

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