My Old Stomping Ground

I was busy doing all kinds of necessary indoor stuff when it occurred to me that I'd better get my tush outside before it rains tomorrow. I decided to explore the paths around here. I walked down Horton, into the small park called Cordata Park, and on by some small houses and apartments to June Road. I had planned to take a path I'd heard of but saw that it was marked "Private. No trespassing" so I didn't. Instead I walked up to the community college where I worked for almost 13 years. 

I meandered around for awhile and then decided to see what was going on with the Learning Center. My last job at Whatcom CC was Coordinator of the Learning Center so I was curious what might have changed in the twelve years since I retired. I was delighted to find Marilyn still there at the reception desk. She is a wonderful lady and I used to be her boss there. Now she is doing some of the work I did as coordinator and she is still in the same job title. Hmmm. Anyhow it was delightful to see her and she gave me the scoop on what was up. I also met the current coordinator and one of the instructors, Leo, a good friend too. It was very delightful to spend time there.

Yesterday I didn't blip because I never got around to taking a picture. It was the last day of the estate sale and that went really well! I spent some time there and even sat in as the "jewelry queen" for a brief time. I have to say that Frannie did an amazing job and so did her crew. If you live near here be sure to check out "Eartha Kitty's" if you want somebody to handle your estate sale. 

I also attended the Whatcom Symphony Orchestra's first concert of the season. The young violinist who played was phenomenal. He played the Sibelius violin concerto and it sang beautifully! After the concert Helena and I went out to dinner with our good friends Alan and Susan. It had been awhile so we all enjoyed getting back in touch. 

And while all this was going on the pen folks were selling a very special pen of ours on eBay. We payed $10 for it at an antique store many years ago. It sold for $3250. Not bad. Would that all the pens went up as much. I'd be able to take off for a world tour without a thought.

No worries. I'm perfectly happy as things are. Life is good.

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