Fall in my new Neighborhood

Nope. It isn't a painting. Check out the first extra to see the photo I manipulated with thanks to Topaz Studio. I am starting to explore my new neighborhood. It is quite different from my old one which has Lake Whatcom right there, and two large forest parks. This neighborhood has one small forest park and lots of open space. I'm learning a new aesthetic here and am becoming more bonded with this area.

The second extra is the painting I worked on in open studio today. There was a large group, even one man, "Judge Dave." Everybody did wonderful work as seems to happen every time we paint together with our teacher Trish Harding. I feel very fortunate to have her as a mentor and a friend.

The sale was stupendous this weekend and now the house is clear of stuff. Soon the painters will begin to clean up 27 years of walls and ceilings. It is quite amazing the number of holes in the walls from all the art I've hung over the years. Naively Jane and I thought it might take a few days to paint the large house. But no. Actually about three weeks. It won't be cheap but it will make the house much more inviting to potential buyers. We also plan to have all the carpets cleaned. I've kept up with that so the 27 year old carpets look much better than one might expect. The market is hot here so I think the house will sell quickly once it is on the market. I'm not going to change anything else in the house, but it does make sense that it should look clean and fresh and it will. It should be ready to sell right around the time I leave for Paris, or soon after I return.

I am thinking so often of my friends in California, especially Wildwood. What a terrible and scary time. The fires keep burning. Here's to a quick end to them and a fast recovery from all the danger and trouble.

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