This is hardly a traditional still life, but I couldn’t resist posting it. 

My youngest son is an executive with the new Las Vegas National Hockey League team.  Tonight he gave us a tour of the new practice facility.  We saw the 2 practice rinks, the locker rooms, equipment rooms, gym, the executive offices, the business offices and the entertainment offices. This was in the equipment repair room and is an ice skate blade sharpener, I believe… something I am sure most would not readily recognize.  There were many more interesting shots that I would have loved to take, but didn't because the areas we viewed were meant to be private and I’d like my son to keep his job. :-)

The hockey season has just started, and there have been two games on the road, both of which they won.   Tomorrow night is the Home Opener in the downtown arena on the Las Vegas Strip. There will be a departure from the usual hoopla in light of the recent tragedy and I expect that the opening ceremony will be quite somber and moving. 

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