Abstract Thursday: "Seasons" - Autumn

Ingeborg has invited us to use the optional theme of "Seasons"  for today's Abstract Thursday. In the northern hemisphere the obvious choice is to represent autumn.

This picture is basically an ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) shot looking up through the autumn leaves on the trees, but I also added some zooming during a 2-second exposure. I took it whilst I was walking through a glade of trees this morning. It was still a bit lacking in autumn colour however, so I used layers in Photoshop to superimpose it on top of a photo (also with ICM) of a fairly solid-colour pile of pretty autumn leaves, selecting "hard light" as the blending mode for the upper layer (I tried all the modes, and a variety of opacities, but "hard light" seemed to work best, at 100% opacity.)

I hope it adequately represents autumn leaf colour, along with a dramatic representation of the dappled sunshine which we often get at this time of year.

(It looks best viewed large against black.)

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