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Community Challenge: Colors of the Seasons

This time of the year is wonderfully colorful – regardless of the hemisphere in which you live.
Your cultural blip challenge this month will be to photograph the colors of the season.  That could be the fiery colors of the fall or the bright colors of the spring. Show us what it’s like where you live!
The challenge will run from Oct 15 through Oct 31 (to include Halloween for those of us who take part in that holiday) and you may enter up to two images.
Images outside that timeframe will not be considered nor will images beyond the two allowed. Because of the nature of the challenge, only full color images will be considered.
To enter, please tag your images to:
- CBSeasons (for Cultural Blip Seasons)
- Name of your country
- optionally, name of the nearest big city
Make sure you separate each tag with a comma to allow for search by individual terms.
We can’t wait to see the colors of your world :)
Photographing fall foliage
Useful tips for spring photography
 Photograph by Alsacienne

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