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Results of the 'Hobby" community challenge

Hi all, sorry for the prolonged absence from the community blog: I’m just back from a whirlwind month-long visit with family in France.  Back in the saddle now!
I’ve looked at our last community challenge and we’ve got a bunch of hobbyists out there involved in all sorts of things– aside from our obvious photography passion. Let me highlight a few that caught my eye below. As usual, to see the full collection, simply type: #CBhobby in the search bar.
Under the “Crafts” label, lots of needle work: a cross stitcher who’s been at it for 40 years, a close up of the fine details of needlepoint, someone who’s wondering whether eating supersedes her crochet hobby, a fine collection of needleworks made over time,  and in the “really too cute” category: miniature teddy bears.
We have some blippers working with stained glass (all laid out and ready to go, and a beautiful finished product), wood, origami, jewelry, doll houses, one-off things, and even a blipper who is part of the Guild of Modern Wheelwrights! And of course, mixed arts.
Painting and drawing featured large in the list of hobbies: acrylics, oils, pastelswatercolors, and Plein Air.  As one blipper said: “Creating calms me.”
In the performing arts genre, we have blippers showing us: Morris dancing, English concertina, mandolin, whistles, drums, brand new tap dancing shoes, and well worn dancing shoes.
Some blippers like to bake; others enjoy cooking with their new appliance, or tending to their garden or collection of succulents.
We have some collectors among us, whether it’s objects (old sewing machines, books) or memories (photo books, recording the history of holy wells in Cork county, researching local history or family history).
And, of course, we have a bunch of outdoor activities: the thrill of geocaching (and an explanation for what it is), nature spotting, orienteering, fishing, hot air ballooning, open water swimming (brrrr!), hiking and the joys of camping, cycling, or growing hops in Germany.
And to finish up this wonderful collection of hobbies, here’s what has now become my all-time favorite expression: “Release your inner jellyfish” ;)
Look out for the next community challenge by week’s end!
Compiled by Michele (aka Alsacienne)
Photo of ice sculptor by Michele 


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