Arkensiel Photography

By arkensielphoto


My Mummy has said that I should not be allowed out on the 13th of each month as today I did another silly thing! Last time it was Thursday 13th September 2012! Today my Mummy went into town to collect the prescriptions and once she was home and had parked her car in the drive I was let out into the garden again. Mummy was getting her bags out of the car and then she shut the car door, just as I flicked my tail into the car.
I yelled and ran away, but this time I went up onto the balcony. She walked around the garden for ten minutes calling me; I ignored her. Eventually she went upstairs and then saw me on the balcony, so I allowed her to pick me up and bring me inside. She said there was no damage to my tail, but it did hurt. I went to sleep on my blanket and when she came to see if I was okay, red stuff has leaked onto my blanket. Mummy said it was blood, but there was not much and it would heal up by itself. At least I do not have to go to the V.E.T this time.

So today’s picture is of me, but I would not pose properly and looked out into the garden with my cross face on.

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