"Indian Corn"

I had a lunch date with dear old friends on this day. As I was driving there, I passed Harner Farms, a local farm market. It had a wonderful display of round, orange pumpkins. I resolved that after my meal, I would make a quick, five-minute stop to snag some pictures before heading back to work.

As always, it was wonderful to catch up with people I've known for 30+ years. The food was good, but the company was even better. As I got in my car and left the restaurant, it was misty out, possibly even lightly drizzling.

That didn't deter me from stopping for photos, which I did. I saw pumpkins and gourds of every shape and size, a corn maze, Halloween decorations of all kinds, veggies that looked colorful and delectable, and then these: flint corn, which is commonly known as "Indian corn."

Wikipedia tell us this: "This is one of the three types of corn cultivated by Native Americans, both in New England and across the northern tier, including by tribes such as the Pawnee on the Great Plains. Archeologists have found evidence of such corn cultivation in what is now the United States before 1000 BC."

So this corn is historic as all get-out, which is very neat. But the primary reason I like it is because it is beautiful. Have you ever seen such lovely, jewel-like colors on corn? I have seen some pretty ones before, but this might have been my first brush with an ear that was all BLUE. Wow, cool!

The song to accompany this jewel-like, festive corn is Jewel, with the title track from her debut 1995 album, Pieces of You.

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