My alternative flower

Somehow the day seemed to pass very quickly this Friday, so quickly that I realised that I'd not even managed to take a shot of a 'real' flower.  So this week my alternative, Violet will have to do!
This morning at Tumble Tots, we were pleased to see Violet's friend S and her Mummy back at the sessions after their holiday.  We couldn't catch up as much as we'd have liked as I had to quickly drive daughter #1 to the hospital for a steroid injection, her second into the hip joint.  I must say that she is considerably braver than in having this done.  There doesn't seem to be any significant relief from the first injection so I hope that there is some positive result from today's treatment.
Today is also Friday the 13th, considered by some to be very unlucky as is the number 13 in general.  Clearly we are not amongst the superstitious as our house number is 13!

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