Chatham Docks

A few of us on the RPS Visual Arts weekend visited Chatham Docks today.  You can imagine how delighted we were, on our arrival, to discover that it was the Kent Beavers' Pirate Day and the place was swarming with turquoise topped boys!  Groups of these little people were being guided by noble leaders but it was a bit overpowering for the rest of us.  The Docks are amazing and full of photographic opportunities and, despite the Turquoise Ninjas, we had a lovely day.  This blip is the roof of one of the enormous 'sheds' where ships were built/repaired taken with a super wide 12mm lens.

Good meal and speakers in the evening and now just waiting for the hotel to quieten down a bit as there's a disco going on and a few noisy guests. Dungeness tomorrow.

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