I am grateful for ...

By shirleyray

I'm not FAT, I'm FLUFFY!

This young male Anna hummingbird was sitting in the palm tree talking and preening. Of course I had to grab the camera and share. When I saw this image, the first thing I thought was that he wanted to be a turkey. He has the look of the wild ones I have seen, (in my humble opinion) only in miniature form.

The world is a little less bright today. A young lady that was living next door passed away. Sadly, her young son was the one that alerted the other adults that his mom was not waking up. The EMTs were called and they pronounced her deceased. It is believed that a seizure took her. (something she had been taking medication to control.)

She always had a smile and good word for Bunker (even as he barked at her) I am feeling such a sadness for all the people who have been coming by all afternoon. She will be missed.

Today, I am grateful for life.

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