I am grateful for ...

By shirleyray

500 Blips.....Oh, My!

We are deep in the play-offs for the World Series, so I thought it appropriate that my blip today had somewhat of a link to that (Go Dodgers). 

In the baseball world, (according to The Free Dictionary by FARLEX) "To be correct or successful around half of the time. Taken from baseball terminology, referring to the average times a player makes a hit when at bat." 

Having a reason to keep the camera in my hands, sharing my images and the positive feedback, because of that, I would say, my "snapping average" has improved over the past 500 blips.

I am grateful to JDO for introducing me to this wonderful community. The people that I have met virtually and in person have enriched my life, given me support through difficult times and celebrated with me through the good times. Thank you all!

If you ever have the to opportunity to meet a fellow blipper, do it! We automatically have one thing in common and through our daily journals we have shared pieces of our lives, giving us that extra bond.

Once again, I am grateful to all of you that stop by, leave encouraging comments, sprinkle stars and hearts and give a lift to my day by sharing your life through your words and images.

To those that host the challenges, thank you for the time and energy you put forth to give us ideas and push us in directions we would not normally go. Your time and energy is greatly appreciated.

I am excited to continue this journey with all of you!

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