Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Bright hillside

This is the hillside below the fernery in Benmore Gardens, shot through the tall fence that separates the gardens from the Glen Massan road - a road we chose to walk up this afternoon as a change. We were rained on, which we may well have avoided had we not gone up in among the hills, but saw some lovely colours that cheered me up after so many grey vistas.

Tropical storm Ophelia is on its (her?) way towards us, and this may well be the last leaves of this autumn: I can't see many of them surviving the kind of winds that are forecast. Today was so still - even now, approaching midnight, it's hard to believe that tomorrow evening the house will be shuddering in the wind. There's something fearsome about a storm in the night.

Meanwhile, I'm supposed to be meeting a fellow-blipper for the first time over lunch tomorrow. Right now, we're hedging our weather-related bets ...

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