Pictorial blethers

By blethers

A new perspective

A couple of factors saw us walking briskly round the back of Dunoon today - along the foot of Kilbride Hill, back along the East Bay and up the Castle Hill, from where this photo was taken. I'm looking south down the coast in a faint drizzle which never became the rain we thought it might - one of the reasons we went out at noon rather than later. 

The other reason was our earlier  foray for our flu jabs: in the past we've found ourselves miles out on a walk in mid-afternoon after such a jab and suddenly felt legless as the side-effects struck. So today I've been legless in the house - sorting out annual travel insurance renewal (no - no change in health circumstances [except that I feel about 100 today] - that kind of thing) and tweaking tomorrow's sermon.

I took another grey photo looking north; it's my extra for today, along with a lovely late rose that has grown as high as my chest and which I shall be cutting for the house before Ophelia arrives ...

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