Art 6: Dramatic Tone

Before I explain that somewhat esoteric title, let me extend my heartfelt thanks for all the stars, hearts, landing on the Spotlight page for the first time, and most of all, the lovely comments on my 365th entry! This has topped all birthdays to date, and I am immensely grateful to everyone who stopped by.

On the first day of my second year as a blipper, I decided to play a bit with the features of my Olympus XZ-1, which I'm using far more than my Panasonic Lumix G-1. Three pears were willing subjects, and after choosing the "Art" mode and shooting the trio in "Pin Hole," "Grainy Film" (black and white), "Soft Focus," "Pop Art," and "Diorama," I decided that I liked "Dramatic Tone" the best.

Maybe I'll try doing a self-portrait using the "Scene" mode and "e-Portrait" choice, described as "smooth skin tone to view on HDTV." I wonder if I'd look like the example given, even though there is at least 40 years difference between her age and mine?

But wait -- I've just discovered that there is a "Cuisine" mode under "Scene" -- stay tuned, more food shots to come!

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