Fried Onions Optional

While we wait for our guest of the day, Ophelia, to arrive, the stage is set for her entry. The skies have darkened and lowered a few thousand feet, the rain is getting heavier, but as yet she is not rustling her skirts on her approach.
The lights are on at 10:30 in the Dower House because it is dark - the sort of dark that is a precursor to some kind of weather event and is slightly frightening.

His Lordship and I have already ventured out to the gym and the post office, but would be happy now to batten the hatches and stay dry indoors for the day had it not been my Book Group night which means a walk on the wild side after tea.

At the top of Middle Meadow Walk the burger van man was intent on staying dry under his umbrellas which gave some colour to the day.
The old part of the erstwhile RIE behind the van is currently being renovated to become the Edinburgh University Business School.

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