One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

I've been at it for, like, decades, like...

I know... It's sick! 

Jayzus… Ten…

Over the years I have somehow lost the exhilaration of those first blip milestones. It’s a bit like birthdays. They are no longer such a big deal.
Except multiples of tens. These are still loaded with excitement, a sense of achievement.

So here we go. Ten years’ worth of Rahenylife!  

All too aware that the big comedy hourglass of life plays tricks on me. That it speeds up as I go along.
The sand must be getting thinner, like my hair (and unlike my waistline).
Blipfoto is still the best tool out there for me to slow down the ride in the big whirlpool to oblivion.
Or to go back to the hourglass analogy, the opportunity each and every day to unsheathe the tweezers of cynicism to pluck out the grain of derision from the rapidly diminishing mass of forgettable moments.

I still enjoy that moment in the evening, when I, editor-in-chief of the story of my life, get to choose the way I want to remember the day just gone. We, autobiographers, tend to be rather forgiving with our shortcomings when it comes to what we release into the public domain. I have posted relatively few of the truly shit moments. Strange, for someone who has thrived on scatological humour for now a decade. No, actually, four and a half decades. But only one online. Day after day after day after day.

The kids turn to blipfoto more and more, to go back to the funny episodes of their childhood. Like the day Luca puked in Jimmy Chung. Or the day Finnzy-Bob was first introduced to the horror of bottle feeding, or Mimi’s fifth birthday party, which was such a joyful affair. I rejoice in their enjoyment of these little pearls of childhood.

Sometimes, often on a Saturday night when I have grown tired of the funny Youtube videos of farting pandas and idiots on skateboard, I go on a “blipsurf” and check entries at random. I click the “year ago” button a few times, go a few days before and after, relive a whole summer or a few random moments. Yes, actually relive. Stick two fingers up to the Grim Reaper and go back in time. And laugh again. 

So many laughs.

Blipfoto is not just about the photograph of the day. And the accompanying words. It is also about the comments. Those long-lasting friendships formed over several years. To be counted in decade(s) now!
All the slagging and the banter and the sad moments and the extra slagging and the extra banter.

All the friends I have made, and kept, for so many years.

All the love.

Jayzus, did I just write that?

Ah, fuck it.

All the love. 

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