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By arkensielphoto

Train Tracks

Today was an Addenbrookes Hospital day, but for me at the eye clinic. A while ago my optician decided to refer me to Addenbrookes as I am starting to get cataracts. That meant we went into Cambridge on the train, as I am not permitted to drive after having drops put in my eyes.  Before the appointment we went into town and I bought three thinish cardigans; mine are all too thick to go under the coat that I wear at this time of the year.
After the appointment, which lasted two hours, we went back to the train station and did not hurry as we thought we would not catch the 1551. Once on the platform we realised that it had not gone, it was delayed; we hurried along the platform with my husband hobbling along behind me. (He is rather lopsided until they replace his right knee!) The guard on the station had blown the whistle to release the train, but then held it back while we got on the back of the train. He probably thought he did not want two decrepit old people collapsing on the platform and that it would be better to let us on the train.

Today’s picture was this morning, taken looking North in the direction of Cambridge.

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