Arkensiel Photography

By arkensielphoto

Female Reeves Muntjac

I spent the morning catching up with emails and work related paperwork. After lunch I sorted out the birdseed and peanuts into two new metal containers, which have clip on lids. The birdseed is kept in the small shower room and last year some mice got in and attacked the plastic tubs. We think they were trapped under the building, but we seem successful in getting rid of them. Hopefully they will not appear this year, as the seed is not accessible to them.
It has been raining most of the day although Dougal and Florence, as usual, tried looking out of both the front and back door. Eventually it eased a little and they spent a few minutes outside, before coming in to dry and warm their wet feet.

Today’s picture, taken through the kitchen window is of a female Reeves Muntjac, looking for windfalls.

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