Lost in Thought

By steveng

Portraits Session

Back blipped on Wednesday ... 

We had our portraits session at the camera club this week, two sets of studio lights,  I talked about synchronising the cameras to the lights and setting the exposure,  Katrina talked about posing and the interaction between the photographer and the sitter.    It all went much more smoothly than I expected and we had a lot of positive comment at the end.   Some of the low key shots taken with Katrina's guidance were really rather good! 

We did have a few problems with Sony cameras, the hot shoe is not the same as Canon or Nikon so my radio triggers wouldn't work and without a PC sync socket we had to resort to firing the small on-camera flash to trigger the studio lights optically. 

It was very much a have a go session, so I didn't get to take any portrait shots myself - my blip and the extra are Katrina explaining a couple of points on posing and  lighting.

A belated thanks to everyone who viewed, commented on or stared my mono Monday trees :-)

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