A bit of beef

Spent the morning vomiting and being feeble, and except for one solitary potato, too nauseous to enjoy the roast chicken that Poni had prepared.

To add to yesterday's diatribe, some useful public activism performed today on the Juba to Nairobi flight when a pathetic Englishman started bawling out the stewardess ['this is disgusting'] because the trolley had run out of chicken by the time it reached the back of the cabin, where we were sitting. In the greatest catastrophe the world has known, only beef remained. One of those characters who enjoyed publicly lording it over someone who was serving him, but who doesn't enjoy fellow members of the public calling him out on being ridiculous and petty. To berate a server because only one meat type remains, on a flight from South Sudan, where half the population faces famine, indicates zero perspective.

Later when the purser investigated the stewardess' report of swearing in the cabin (which was actually me at that guy), the English guy's response to me was: 'the only person who's made themselves look like an idiot, young man, is you'.

At least I got 'young' out of him, as the 35th birthday approaches.

The cabin crew thanked me as I exited so on balance I feel I've redressed the balance of my cowardice from the previous day.

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