Luo limbo

Since the result of its August elections was annulled by the highest court in the land, Kenya has been in political limbo, so I've been asking taxi drivers about it. The opposition leader, Odinga, who has been a key figure for a few decades, has refused to stand in the re-run, so no one really knows what's going on. Odinga's rhetoric is akin to Trump's, i.e. divisive and unhelpful. Although his might be more cleverly and strategically divisive to benefit from the fact that Kenyan politics are inextricably linked to tribal background. The leader who won the cancelled vote, Kenyatta, is a Kikuyu, the largest ethnic group. Various smaller groups, including the feisty Luo from the south west around Lake Victoria, support Odinga. Although it's been tense, nothing as severe as the 2007 election violence has happened, which caused many deaths and much damage. People seem to think the limbo is going to drag on, and people just want honest, non-corrupt politicians.

In Trump's case the division he's creating is through sheer incompetence. He may preach unity and togetherness but his poor intellect and perspective and his innate prejudices are achieving the direct opposite.

As I passed through immigration I kept thinking that the nationwide signage and documentation that is going to have to be changed when the UK leaves the European Union is probably going to cost more in materials and people's time than we will ever save from not paying a membership fee. Part of which we'll end up paying anyway. A mere matter of hours back and I'm already riled up.

It's impossible not to look shifty when walking through customs, no matter how often you do it.

Return journey prolonged due to delayed then cancelled trains. 'Driver shortages'. Or, more accurately, train companies raking it in, execs basking on mountains of shekels, providing threadbare services at high cost.

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