Plus ça change...

By SooB

More shelf

Another little section of what we want to call The Library, but usually refer to as The Upstairs Hall, which is a good deal less grand. These are, I think, all Mr B's books. Not sure why we have two of the one on top - so good he read it twice?

All of which is to say this is an emergency blip as I drag myself off to bed. Long day. I had planned to spend the morning finishing off a huge project and the afternoon outside, but more work arrived - and you can't say no to work - so it ended up being almost the whole day chained to the screen. Managed a quick break to eat obscene quantities of leftover curry, while TallGirl figured out how to remedy not-quite-cooked-but-opened-already soft-boiled eggs.

And another short break when I spotted a neighbour weeding the messy raised bed in the courtyard and popped out to help. And that, aside from hanging the washing out (which I don't count) and some desk work in the garden in the hope that some blue sky would soak into my thinking (it didn't), was the only outside time.

Later, after a decent pause since the last bout of liberal gluttony, I indulged in another bout of West Wing Wallowing. (With ironing, I'm not completely immune to virtue.)

Tomorrow my brain needs to find some snappy marketing language (without tipping over into snazzy), and I will hopefully shuffle the big job down the wires and off my desk for at least a couple of days.

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