It rained in the morning. Just good for a little job I had in mind.
But happily after lunch blue patches in the sky.
We drove to the Invalidenhaus to park there, and walk uphill.
I had some carrots with me for Paule, Frisky, and Beauty. I thought we would find them in the field of the Eisenbahnerheim, but they were busily eating in a meadow along the Frau Holle Weg. They were too far away, or not interested, to come near, how loud we called their names.
There are some pretty views over the Weser valley, and one can enjoy these sitting on the benches that are situated along the path.
The sun shone and we enjoyed the autumnal colours of the trees and bushes.
Our path led us still higher up, and more views to admire.
This forest at the other side of the river, seen from our home, is a real fairy tale land forest, especially in autumn, and spring with the tiny leaves. Down hill we went, saw the Eisenbahnerheim every time more decayed as before.

Tomorrow Saturday the 21th of October the Silly Saturday Challenge again. The tag is #SilS55, or #SillySaturday55, and even #SillySaturday will do. Different tags I sometimes find by chance, but the best is to keep to the former mentionned.
I am looking forward with pleasure to see what funny scenes, signs, or behaviour I will find in the galleries.

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