By Jostijn


Two shows today, one to take pictures off and one to watch.
This photo is from the first. 

Het Zuidelijk Toneel (Southern Theatre) needed a photographer for their scenes so they asked me! They also send me the script so that helped a lot.

Next week I'll go to Antwerp for the same company, they want me to take photos of their actors for the show King Lear. I am very excited about that!

The second show of today was okay, my sister-in-law's wife (is that even a word?) played a big role in their theatre company in Geldrop and Eline and I went to watch it. 

Tomorrow I'll go shoot the band Weezer in Poppodium 013! Another exciting photoshoot. 

See you tomorrow!

[21008KT 160V250 OVC044 12/08 Q1012]

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