On the Waterfront

A lovely morning, but first, the breakfast up on the seventh floor. It’s been so long since I’ve had full cream milk. That’s what corn flakes are all about. So, out wherever fancy took us and very shortly we were in the DDR museum of life in old East Germany which looked not very dissimilar at all to central Scotland in the 50s and 60s. Though their athletes looked a bit more athletic.
Then around the Berliner Dom, including a trip up the 267 steps to the viewing place. That was enough nonsense so there was then some lunch - beer, bread and salmon and a much needed look round Gudrun Sjödén. It’s like being on the internet, but you can’t sit down.
Back to relax before we headed out in the rain to a nearby pub - nicely crammed in, and proper German food. Meatballs, gravy and potatoes. Scotland in the 60s again. Except they had herbs on the potatoes. No call for that.

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