Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


The procreation process of dragons and damselflies is nothing short of fascinating.  Not only do they manage to get themselves into this rather awkward looking position, but they also manage to fly around while thus "engaged".  It seems so...awkward.  That said, I can never resist trying to get photos when I come across a pair doing the deed. 

I went on a walk this morning with several people involved in determining the future of a favorite hiking/birding/photography place - one that I've taken several blip friends to (LoisBiz and Hillyblips...).  It was a fascinating walk and conversation and I came away with much to think about.  I also came away having seen SO many of these colorful Autumn Meadowhawks, most engaged in sexual shenanigans - this had to be my blip.  We also saw at least a half-dozen big Praying Mantids, always a fun find.  A very enjoyable morning.

Back home in time for lunch with Hubs and some pottering around in the garden with my camera.  I'm avoiding the patch of garden under the hickory trees as the nuts are coming down at a fierce rate and are the size of golf balls.  I suspect they would hurt like hell if one landed on my head.  No sense testing my theory.  Lots of Painted Lady butterflies and a couple of monarchs and a moth that I was actually able to identify.  I'm not very good at moths, especially brown ones.  But this one had some unusual features that helped - you can have a look here on Flickr.  I've never seen a moth with such fuzzy legs or such lush attennae. 

Planning a quiet evening.  I'm still shaking off the last of the cold, but basically feel fine now.  

Thanks so much for all the love on my vulture yesterday!  I'm glad that so many share my regard for these rather majestic creatures.


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