Brian the Fungi Slayer

A trail of fungi were snaking their way towards Leo goal (extra). Leo fancied decapitating them in to the goal with a swift kick but they looked like they might open up rather prettily so we banned any fungi football.

Then Brian took hold and the lead Fungi did a great impression of a bobble head, and the next minute I looked he had been blown right out of the ground! The others have survived, so we’ll see if they will shoot up prettily.

It was another busy old day. Up early to head to the barbers for Leo’s haircut at 0715. Then I headed to Newport with mum to pick up my sister from a fleeting visit with friends. Given the winds I was worried we might end up having to detour one way or the other, but thankfully the bridge stayed open and we made very good time both legs of the journey.

Meanwhile Leo was enjoying a football party with friends, followed by food at McDonalds. He had a great time. He amused us with his tale of the car dash which followed their game. A few parents were ferrying the kids to McDs and there was a choice of a Porsche, a Qashqai and a Ford Van. Leo ended up in the van as he was still tying his laces when the stampede to the Porsche began. He confessed to rather enjoying the van ride as he got to be so high up!

Then we headed to St James Park where Exeter lost 1-0 to Port Vale in a very windy and wet game. Exeter didn’t play that well so they didn’t really deserve to win but Port Vale weren’t great sports and collected a load of cards and abuse from the fans.

Then we had a nice meal at the Parker & Miller Steakhouse. Leo and I were rather pleased as we really wanted to go there but had agreed on a Marstons for Ian’s sake as he is not the greatest fan of the stuff at the steakhouse. When we got to the Marstons there was no room at the inn, so we ended up at the steakhouse anyway :) Ian enjoyed the wine and pud at least!

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