Fish Trap

In the morning we walked from Rockcliffe to Kippford and back.  The tide was in when we started but out on the way back.  It changes amazingly quickly - do love an estuary.  Was a bit cautious but saw that other people were walking out across the muddy sand and some were even riding horses too.  More mad running for Jess.  The afternoon's excitement came in the form of a herd of bolshy young Holstein heifers, having escaped from their field heading down the lane towards the main road in a bid for freedom.  M managed to get ahead of them and turned them back, they grouped in the garden so we kept them there till their owner eventually turned up.  He was a bit casual about the whole thing, not sure I'd have been, I imagine there's a lot of money in those cows.

A trip to Castle Douglas for supplies and then a roast (not beef!).

Backblip 2

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