Waiting for Ex Ophelia

We were going to go to see Caerlaverock castle but as the light got stranger and stranger decided on a shorter drive.  Walked in the beautiful Mabie woods and the very boggy Kirkconnell Flow nature reserve (see extras).  On the way back the sun came out and we stopped at the beach at Sandyhills - it looks out across the Solway Firth.  The tide was out and it was stunning, took lots of photos.  After lunch we realised that the ex hurricane wasn't going to arrive till later so walked to Castle Point from Rockcliffe to watch the weather coming in.  It did get wild later.

That's me finally caught up with backblips of our week away.

(Slightly messed this up, because of backblipping my 1460th blip comes before my 1459th! Probably should've been this one https://www.blipfoto.com/entry/2369211501660605257, ah well .... )

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