An Ent?!

I must have walked/jogged/cycled past this tree literally hundreds of times and never noticed its interesting shape until this morning when I was out for a walk blip hunt. (I think maybe my attention was drawn to it today by the way the sun was peeping through the trees next to it, but the fact that I was actively looking for a blip may have had something to do with it too.) It almost looks as if it's reaching out: I'm sure Tolkien would have reckoned it was one of his Ents.

At least it meant that I didn't have to bore you with another DIY blip; the rest of the day was taken up with hanging new radiators in our lounge, prior to the decorator coming soon. Not always an easy job when the room wasn't designed for central heating - and the new brackets are very different from the old ones. I guess tomorrow I'll be plumbing them in - because of course they're a different size to the old ones so the pipes need moving. Keeps one out of mischief anyway  ;-))

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