Reflections of Autumn

It was the last day of my mini vacation, and we managed two little adventures. First was a hike in the local gameland, SGL 176, the Scotia Barrens, not far from our house. Second was a visit to Bald Eagle State Park to check out the foliage colors.

This is a photo from our morning jaunt in the gamelands. The water was very still. The sun was out. (Light makes such a big difference in foliage shots, doesn't it?) There were some pretty trees along the little pond, and of course, I couldn't resist a few reflection shots.

Later in the day, as we sat at Bald Eagle listening to some tunes, this song came on, and so I think I'll use it for my soundtrack. It's a bit mournful, which isn't at all how I feel about autumn, but I liked the sentiment in the title: the Moody Blues, with Forever Autumn.

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