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More Paris

(To set the scene, and because it’s a moment I don’t want to forget, the backdrop to the writing of this blip is Cam and Jackson duetting to Don’t Go Breaking My Heart. Now they’ve agreed who is Kiki Dee and who is Elton John).

Today has been so long I am going to attempt to not miss anything by adopting the list method:

- boulangerie: coffee and pastries galore
- walk to Moulin Rouge to meet our tour guide, Thomas, from the very splendid discoverwalks.com (operate in lots of cities, can’t recommend them highly enough and they are free, only tip what you think at the end). Our tour was of Montmartre and, despite having been here many times we learned a lot and he kept kids from 8 to all sorts of grown ups and the teenagers in between really engaged and interested. No mean feat.
- lunch at Templiers du Montmartre
- back for some recovery with just a brief stop outside Ahmed’s Bar on Rue Véron to reminisce when Carlos and Vernee had played a gig there 14 years ago and the bars in two neighbouring streets had been closed for the occasion. Despite this being pre kids and therefore obviously of no interest whatsoever the kids did vaguely nod in acknowledgment.
- out again for bonkers full on Brasserie experience at Bouillon Chartiers for dinner
- home via A La Mere de Familie chocolate and sweet shop
- very loud game of Oh Heck
- planning for tomorrow

And now we are ending the evening with DJ Jackson taking requests. It’s making for quite an eclectic mix.

It has been a long and very lovely day.

Lesley x

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