But, then again . . . . .

By TrikinDave

Riverside Walk.

What better way for a girl to celebrate her twiddly-umptieth birthday than to visit the local patchwork group; not local to us, you understand, but local to Sis. BiL and myself then met the girls for lunch at a local garden emporium where Sis saw an owl (see extra) that she wants to incorporate into a patchwork design; I can quite see why.
Then it was off for some retail therapy – at a local patchwork shop - before going for a walk in the drizzle along the Thames bank where I Blipped the lady in red walking her dog.
We couldn’t spend too long here as we had a table booked for a posh pub meal where neither the waitress nor Sis and BiL knew what the 80/- ale was that Herself wanted in her shandy. They’re a heathen lot down south.

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