Nothing like the good life....

This bird photo is far from perfect but it is definitely enjoying the good life at the all you can eat buffet.. The type of food we get for the birds is a good quality cheep mix from the Audubon Society.. normally I make a trip out of it by going to a local park for a walk, have lunch etc.. Well with working the weekends I had to stop by the local hardware store.. They only had really cheep stuff and very high end stuff.. expensive too.. I had to laugh today.. The expensive stuff is all gone already.. It will be awhile till the second feeder gets refilled  ;-)

I had a nice time with my dad today watching the 1966-67 portion on Vietnam.. He struggled the entire time I was there to form sentences but every now and then he would break out in a tune that many American soldiers sang.. Let's just say they were not politically correct and very VERY derogatory.. 

My dad was back in the states at this time but watched the news knowing some people there that were close friends that didn't make it back.. He also perked up anytime a town that he recognized was named, or airbase, or outpost.. Being responsible for clean water and food storage he went to many places.. I also learned how close he came to the North Vietnam border once..  about 150-200 km my dad said inspecting places... It was actually from the DMZ or supposedly the Demiliterized Zone.. According to the documentary the Marines in 1967 called it the Dead Marine Zone.. when many of the fiercest firefights happend..

Of couse I brought him ice cream... we talk about getting my mom something for Christmas and their 49th wedding  anniversary in December.. We agreed though that he should concentrate on getting strong enough to be at home for Thanksgiving first.. One thing at a time..

Tomorrow work starts at the new place.. I will be getting up an 30 minutes earlier with the longer commute and.. 

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