By J0shua


A day of choices, would I choose to find a private physio or goto the hospital outpatients program or would I goto a rehab centre. Each option has its pro's and cons. The cost of each option is quite varied, and usefulness of private health insurance is zero in all cases. So the decision comes down to which will give me the best quality of recovery, aka health and fitness. What is a couple of thousand dollars spread across the rest of my life? And who is to say I can't change my mind or use a combination of services. Anyway decided goto a private physio, the first session is booked, let's see what the cost and quality are like, the added benefit this physio is physically a next-door neighbour of my surgeon in the hospital.

So while these choices were playing out the discharge physio visited today and gave me a few more exercises to introduce more pain into my life. Sorry I mean help heal this broken leg. Lots of exercises have maade me tired and a lack of quality sleep last night, my blip is dinner. A lazy option but also indicates the day of choices? So rise, pasta or salad for dinner? Why not just do all three!

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