By Doyley22


...of sorts.  It's been a busy day of doctors and physio appointments.  To cut the story short, MrD has a fractured ankle.  X-rays, doctor followed by the fitting of a Moon Boot.  We've had dinner and I needed a glass of wine.  Six to eight weeks to repair.   Oh well, it could be worse.

Thank you to wrperry for hosting today's Tiny Tuesday.
The tiny part of the blip is a very dusty micro car that belonged to my son.  I'm unsure how the car has lasted this long.  The ankle part of the Moon Boot is also shown and the necessary, walking stick.  I'm sure I will sleep well tonight.  I have suggested MrD won't be driving but he could take a few taxis - fingers crossed. 

Good night everyone I'm signing out to catch a few Zs. 

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