By Doyley22


Today was the funeral of our dear friend, Peter.  Sad.
MrD borrowed a wheelchair for the funeral.  A very handy item.

Earlier in the day this magpie came to visit.  I believe he is the same one that came one windy morning as the magpie today also stood on one leg.  Perhaps they all practice this act.  Anyhow, he came, he sang, he had a sleep (his eyelid closed over and he dropped his head - see the extra) and then he had a 'stretch' as you can see in the blip.  He was quite happy for me to approach.  I love having them to visit but I don't like to clean up their mess.  

Not sure this qualifies for WildWed although MrD thinks the wings are 'wide'.

Thank you to Cailleach for hosting the Wild Wednesdays. 

Thank you, also for the stars and comments for my last two blips.  I was too exhausted after yesterday.  I will reply later this evening.  

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