Wild Wednesday!

A latish quick blip as it's been another busy day looking after the electrician and continuing my DIY plumbing. The central heating is now off as I've drained the system, so there's some urgency to get it back on again! Maybe tomorrow..,.btu the electrician will have the electrics off almost all day tomorrow so maybe not...just as well we have plenty of wooly jumpers and a gas hob.

Anyway this is my offering for Wild Wednesday. Not only is the ground under our floorboards a bit wild itself, with 113 years of accumulated debris, but some wild creature has obviously taken a liking to chewing the foam insulation on the heating pipes. - I hope they enjoyed it! I'd like to think it's been a mouse (we know we have those from time to time) rather than a rat!

Many thanks to Cailleach for hosting WildWed.

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