Abstract Thursday: Movement

Ingeborg's optional Abstract Thursday theme today is "Movement".

It took me until 9pm to be free to do my blip - another busy day with the electrician attending to our partial re-wire and me (virtually) finishing the central heating plumbing job.

However that didn't matter as I had the idea of experimenting with the Olympus "Live Composite" feature with lights in the street - whilst I was walking along. Effectively this is a multiple exposure mode which overlays only new light in the scene on what had gone before (I guess like using the "lighten" function with multiple layers in Photoshop, but it all happens in-camera).

So while the camera was doing its stuff I was walking briskly along a footpath which is separated from the road on my right by railings. So the vertical lines towards the right of the photo are the railings (blurred and duplicated), the coloured lights are from cars driving past, and the bright white light at the top is a streetlight.

My Editor fancies that she sees an orange fairy at the top right (shown in the thumbnail). As I can't quite work out what produced that effect, maybe it's a real fairy getting in on the action...  ;-))

I suppose this could be called the "Intentional Uncontrolled Camera Movement" (or IUCM for short).

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