A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Nearly light

on the pond.

We set off in the dark for this morning's St Ives circuit but it was fine.

Not much scope for photography though we passed horses being walked and people playing golf. (Do they have balls that glow in the dark - can I say that?!)

It was just about light as we reached the pond and the swans and their twomvery big cygnets were there to greet us. So this is about the only shot I took (I took several more closer ones but as people, including me, were feeding them by then this was the only one with them all with their heads up).
See Wilsden Walker to see the crowd they attracted.

As you can see they are now as big as their parents and even starting to lose a few of their brown feathers compare with about a month ago. The rest of the day has been mainly damp.  

Chris was on Luncheon club duty today so when he got back we went over to the dark side (Lancashire) and had a late lunch. Chris wanted some shoes/ boots but spent less than ten minutes looking before deciding they had nothing. I was late for our rendezvous as I met someone I knew from work. She is a lady I meet in all sorts of places so not entirely a surprise.

I got a tea cosy which was the main thing I wanted and a silicone lid for my son.

This morning I had another face time with Grace and Eda. She is four weeks old today and she sent me a video and some shots taken last night where she looked very near to smiling.

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