One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Getting value for money

Peter paid a hefty price to see the Waterboys, and he was damned if he was going leave his seat any time soon! 

The Water-only-no-more-Guinness-for-me-Boys delivered tonight. 
It has to be said that I am rather partial to their latest album. I am actually quite sure that it is their best. Mike found the funk, and the funk was good to him. 
The man is a living advertisement for giving up the juice. And marrying a woman who paddles around in a vagina boat
He, and the whole band, were sleek, funky, energetic and absolutely faultless in their performance. True professionals, having fun it seems. Or being very convincing at pretending that they were (having fun). 
And what delight to be able to hear all the lyrics perfectly. For these are way above average. The man has a talent with words. 
He is rumoured to be a bit of a temperamental bollix, but it's not like I have to live with him. Mrs Raheny and I spent 2.5 very enjoyable hours. Great gig. 

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