Flower Friday......Sort of :o)

While I was having a long conversation with J who has finally got his voice back after a few days of only being able to make a croaking sound I doodled around with my image for Flower Friday ;o)

The coloured blob right at the back is the Flower Friday bit and is of some lovely pink weeds down by the lake, the colours got more and more distorted as I went along. I've put the original shot in as an extra.

From there I kept taking pics of the pics on my iPad and liked the result. To the left is my bowl of dandelion heads picked yesterday which are starting to open today and will hopefully make an interesting blip in the end. Other desk paraphernalia takes up the rest of the frame, total madness! :o)

Yay for the weekend!!!

Thanks for the stars for my moving abstract trolleys :o) xxx

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